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Sex Standing
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Welcome to Sex Standing

Sex Standing is a social sex game. This website allows you to log and rate sexual experiences that you have had. This is a perfect tool to allow you to communicate with your partner without pressure. You can review how often you have had sex and if it has improved or not. All information is kept confidential and you can use pseudo-names.

This is the great tool for you if you think that your sex life is worst than other people and would like to improve it. Through this website you can log and rank each sexual experience in different categories. Your partner will get a notification and will rank the sexual experience as well. Only when completed by both partners the system will let you see each others rating. We will use this information to rate you against other people and will give you a STANDING. We have created this sex game so you can compete with others and get a standing on how well you perform. This sex game requires you to work with your partner to enhance your sex standing.

We use a simple algorithm to determine and rank people in this sex game. We have designed this system to answer who is the best and we will help you find out your standing among other people.

Sex Standing and Ranking System

We have worked hard to create an anonymous system. Your nickname will be used throughout our system and we don't ask for your name or any personal information.

This system also allows you to better communicate with your partner. You can add and rate each time you have sex and your partner also would also rate it without seeing your rating. You can only view the rating after both have confirmed and rated each sexual experience. You and you partner would have time to rate each experience independently and without pressure. You can discuss the rating afterwards.

We have come up with an algorithm for sex ranking that we think is fair to everyone. We publish our algorithm and how we award you points and how you get ranked. We will also show your standing in our sex game.

The system is based on your sexual experiences and for every encounter you rank yourself and your partner and your partner will do the same.

Some people choose to enter their real sexual experiences and some enter fictional experiences in this sex game. The encounters will be ranked based on the responses and rankings that they get to evaluate their standing in sex game.

This website is based on an algorithm that would allow the person to have a high ranking with only a few good and consistent encounters.

We publish our algorithm in order for you to know how you are rated and your standing calculated. This will allow you to improve your sex standing.

We have recently made changes to our website. You can see the details at our "New Change" page.

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