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Sex Game

Please note that this website is meant to be used for fun and there is no scientific basis to our algorithm. This cyber sex game allows you to evalute yourself against other people. The algorithm used for this cyber sex game is published so that you can see who is winning between your friends.

This sex game specially allows for couples to have a better understanding of their sexual life and satisfaction and compare it to others for a health check. You can play this sex game with your partner and you will be able to express the sexual experiences without being pressured. This will provide a feed back to you as a couple where your sex life stands compared to others.

The ranking and standing in this sex game is based on the information provided by the users and we do not and can not verify the authenticity of the information that have been provided to us. We simply use our published algorithm in the sex game against the information given to us by the users and we provide a standing of the users in our system.

We have also tried our best to ensure that the information provided to us remains safe and absolutely private. In your account you can turn allow for public to view your sexual experiences, but by default it is set to private. We also don't ask any specific information about you, we simply ask you to provide your email address to participate in this sex game.

Sexual encounters are by default hidden. You can change your account setting to make it public and show your sexual resume.

We do not and can not verify or know if any sexual encounters reported to us has in fact taken place.

We don't know you and want to keep your information private, so simply we don't ask!. This system was created for fun and also to be able to settle a score with my friend.

When registering to play this sex game we need to know your sex, country and your e-mail address. With the exception of the e-mail the rest can be fake. We will ask you for a password and also a nickname for yourself. Otherwise we will not be asking you for more information.

We ask about the sex and the country because we also group our rankings by sex and also country. Please note that we will not ask you about your name, address or any other personal information.

Thank you for playing our sex game.

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