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Sex Game for couples
sex game for couples

Are you in a sex starved marriage and hoping to break the stride in your relationship?

Sometimes ago I was talking to a married woman who recalled at the start of their marriage they could not keep their hands off of each other. She recalled as the second child was born their sex life vanished. They were almost having sex once every six months. "We were both tired with work and kids and I usually initiate sex because of stronger sex drive". That also diminished as work and kids took more energy out of us.

After some time her lack of physical intimacy made her feel unattractive and depressed. She felt that she was aged and unattractive to everyone and even her husband.

She finally opened up to her husband and discussed the problem with him. As she couldn't remember when was the last time that she had sex, she decided to keep a log of it. It has helped them revive their marriage and their lives.

When I was discussing the SexStanding website with her, she complimented me and said that this allows them to not only keep a log of when they had sex, they can also provide rating to each other which opens up further opener discussions between herself and her husband. "It is not always easy to rate the sex with a person you love in a face to face situation, with an online tool it allows you to rate it at a later date and discuss it afterwards."

Our tool allows for anonymous login of you and your spouse. You can easily exchange your Nickname with your significant other and log when you have had sex and rate each other. Once both parties have rated the sexual experience then the ratings would be available for both to see. It is easier to rate sex without the pressure of the other person being present.

An honest rating will allow the other person to know that there is room for improvement. Discussions and openness will allow for a better and improved sex life and a happier marriage.

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