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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Percentile"?
A percentile rank is typically defined as the proportion of scores in a distribution that a specific score is greater than or equal to. For instance, if you received a score of 95 on a math test and this score was greater than or equal to the scores of 88% of the students taking the test, then your percentile rank would be 88. You would be in the 88th percentile.

Can gay or lesbians also use Sex Standing?
Everyone in our system is valued based on our ranking system. We don't discriminate if your sexual experience was with a person of the same gender. We simply rate you and also give you a standing based on your gender. Therefore you can be gay or lesbian and still use the system.

Can I or anyone review the number of times I have had sex?
By default your account is set so that no-one can view your sexual encounters. But you can change your account settings and make it viewable to public.

I need to know my sexual encounters in the system, can you send me a list?
No, you can only get the most recent encounters by changing your profile to make the encounters viewable by public.

Why should I upload an image?
If you have a picture loaded for your profile, users can vote for you. And you will get added bonus points for positive feedback from users

How It Started

How do I Increase My Ranking?

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