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How it works

This system was designed to be really simple and anonymous. Our system is purely user driven and based on the users providing rating and information about the sexual encounter. The user standing is based on your rating and users are evaluated against other users in the system.

There are only 4 steps involved:

Step 1: You create an account. You only need to provide your e-mail address. You get to pick your own nickname, password, gender, country you are registering in and also year you were born in. We have tried to create an anonymous system and we only ask for your e-mail. We don't ask for your name, address or any identifying information.

Step 2: You add your sexual encounters to the system. After you login you will have a tool called "Add New Sexual Encounters". You provide the other person's nickname in our system and you specify the date of the encounter and rate the sexual experience. As we have tried to keep the system simple and fun there are only 3 things that you can rate for the sexual experience:
How do you rate your orgasm in this sexual encounter?
How good was your partner in foreplay?
How good was your partner in sex?
These ratings are used to rate your partner in sex, your partner will not see these ratings for their rating of your encounter!.

Step 3: An inconspicuous e-mail is dispatched to the other party that you have claimed to have had sex with asking them to check their SexStanding account.
The other party would login and their toolbar will be replaced with another tool allowing them to verify all the outstanding encounters that they still need to rate.
The other party would then review the sexual encounter that you claimed to have with them and either confirm or decline it and they would also get to rate the encounter with the same 3 questions.
These ratings would be used to rate you in sex. They will not see the rating that you gave them for this encounter.

Step 4: "Sex Brain" runs every night and it processes the sexual encounter that you have added. It evaluates the encounter and awards you points and then calculates the percentile for your account and then base your standing on your percentile. You can look at our algorithm to figure out how "Sex Brain" does the evaluation.

Your sexual experiences will by default remain hidden unless you edit your profile and allow for public to view them.
We don't know who you are and we work to protect your privacy.
The only e-mails you will get from us is a notification (only one e-mail) of a sex claim and a 6 months review of your standing (once every 6 months).

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